I simply cannot get a reasonable pic of a fish in an aquarium
Sorry Christy & Molly
Corey  came to live with us in 1994, from Greyhound Companions St. Louis, at the age of two, after she was retired from running
and  breeding at a Greyhound track in Kansas.  Typical of most Greyhounds, she was a sweet couch potato
when she wasn't running circles in our fenced yard at 40 MPH.  She loved to sing with me
(how John hated that) and always provided a warm bed and snuggle for our kittens.
Corey went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 23, 2003.
She came in from playing outside and would put no weight on her left front leg.
We rushed her to our vet, who took an x-ray and found a complete fracture through a large tumor in the upper bone of her leg.  
Our choices were amputation or euthanasia.....and that's not much choice for an 11 year old greyhound.
We miss her, and I know our kittens will miss sharing her warm bed and playing with her ever moving tail.
Rest in peace our Corey Frog.

Yes, for those who remember, he was named after the Philadelphia
Flyers ill-tempered goaltender.  Hextie was found living under a
neighbor's front porch when he was about 4 years old.  I lured
him out with a can of food and lugged his 15 pound body home.
I thought he was the biggest cat I had ever seen (this was long
before Maine Coon Fever).  I installed him on our enclosed back porch
with a bed, heater and food, where he promptly and literally tried to
climb the walls.  I sat down to wait and watch.  It was
about an hour before he slowly approached me, sniffed,
snuffled, then curled up in my lap and began to purr loudly.

Mr. Hextall was, without a doubt, the gentlest soul I have ever
known.  The last 7 years of his life he was rather severely
afflicted with diabetes, but always reminded me when it was time
for his twice daily insulin shots, and took them  without complaint.
He loved nothing  better than to be held while he covered
my face and neck with kisses and nuzzles.

During the spring of 2001, Hex slowly started to become weaker,
having difficulty walking and becoming very thin.  On June 11,
the look in his eyes told me it was  time to do the last loving thing
I could for him.  Our wonderful vet came to our home, so
Hex didn't have to leave from am unfamiliar  place.
It was a quiet and peaceful passing, and I know he will be waiting
for me with snuggle, kisses and purrs at the Rainbow Bridge.

Be at peace, my Hextie.  I will love and miss you always !
Christmas, 1993
June 11, 2001
HRK George Rufus offers comfort and says goodbye
Born April 8, 2002 * Crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 27,2003

John always says that cats are incredible creatures, and Maine Coons are incredible cats  The
Skreetcher Creature embodied everything that John means in when he says this, and
everything good and gentle in the Maine Coon breed. Littermate brother to GP Acadiacoons
Mahoosuc (The Horse Monster) Skreetch appeared to be a perfectly healthy and handsome, if
somewhat small, Maine Coon.  On the morning of March 27th, 2003 however, Skreetch came
slowly up from the cattery and I immediately noticed that he had very labored breathing.  
John rushed him to our vet, where he was seen by an "associate", who took his temperature,
then tried to draw blood from his necK, using a rubber band and clamp as a tourniquet.  By the
time the "associate had the tourniquet in place, Skreetch was dead.
We elected to have a necropsy done, which showed that
Skreetch most probably had Feline Infectious Peritonitis
(FIP).  FIP is a disease caused by a mutated Enteric Corona
Virus.  While Enteric Corona Virus is extremely common in
cats (according to a research physician at University of
Missouri, 93.7% of all cats have had one or more of the 17
known Corona Viruses), the mutation is rare, and sadly,
almost always fatal.  Thankfully, it is also almost always
non-contagious, affecting cats who, for some reason, have a
compromised or overworked immune system and are unable to
fight off the mutation..  For more information on FIP and
other feline diseases, please see our
"Cat Information" page.
Be at peace, our "Skreetcher Creature"  * You were always
"Daddy's Favorite Boy"