Management and Servants
John is Chief Kitty Obstetrician, Show Groomer, and willing slave to all
felines (particularly Maddie and Elvis).  When not doing kitty baths,
helping with the scooping and slavishly obeying all feline demands, John owns
and runs a contract model building and model railroad
manufacturing company,
American Model Builders, Inc.   and Laserkit
If you want some fancy cage signs, let John know and he will design,
laser-cut and paint them for you.
Nancy is Acadiacoons "Cattery Manager in Chief", serves quantities of canned
food on demand, scoops upwards of 15 pounds of litter from 17 boxes daily, and
instructs on superior cleaning methods (kitty throw-up and other unattractive
"leavings")    Nancy came to the non-pet-owning Hitzeman family equipped with
3 felines, and suffered great insult when asked just *what* she intended to do
with her cats prior to marriage (the answer is, by now, obvious).
After graduating from Boston College, where she played
Division I ice hockey for 4 years, and St. Louis
University with her Master's degree in Social Work,
Christy and Matt Stenberg were married on April 30,
2005, in a beautiful ceremony with a rousing reception

Christy is currently working as a case manager for
St. Louis Effort for Aids and enjoy their new home.

And now, to top everything else, Christy and Matt
are expecting their first baby, a girl, in
mid-February, 2007 !!!

To say that "Grandma" is excited, would be
putting it *very* mildly !
Molly at 14 (left picture) giving a most
uncooperative Elvira a bath and Molly at 19,
with boyfriend Pat (right picture) at
Christy's wedding reception, is the official
human belonging to Elvira.

Molly has helped with our cats and cattery,
and at one time had her own cattery,
Coonsplosion.  We strongly suspect she
will start that up again one day, when she
has the time !

Molly is currently working for California
Pizza Kitchen, where she is
a member of the team that
travels the country to
open new restaurants.  Molly is officially in
charge of training new
hosts, servers, and bartenders.